still not so sure what now exactly is – the moment of awareness squeezed between past memories and future projections

Proud and happy when I learned that Luise Voigts radioplay Fünf Flure (swr, hr, deutschland funk Kultur) is nominated as one of three finalists for the Preis der Kriegsblinden 2021. Milena Kipfmüller and myself contributed the live performed sounds and music to the wonderful piece.

Excited about the new release on cassette tape and bandcamp for Linear Obsessional. The cassette Cocktail Party is a new collaboration, with Paul Khimasia Morgan. “Intricate, alien and unique. The musicicians are communicating and listening intently – in a fascinating language of slippery and ecstatic sound.” (Richard Sanderson)

almenrauschen. The 5 LPs  can be purchased here. We collected good critics about the music and artwork. Here are a few statements (the full critics can be read) here.

>Very relevant and urgent stuff. Music that fascinates from start to finish! (DM) – vital weekly

>impressive 5 disc set! – The Sound Projector


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