2021 was a full year, under – as we all know – conditions, precious and thoughtful.  A few highlights were  rune, Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods, the release of the cocktail party cassette tape, the collaboration with (SNDNG STTNS] and Grotest Maru in the piece Swarm, the invitation to the Brasilian Improfest which inspired to the filmconcert for Manaus and the intense work with Ensemble Extrakte, to name a few. Researches and ideas filled the year with a productive and in-a-good-sense controversial energy.

“Intricate, alien and unique. The musicians are communicating and listening intently – in a fascinating language of slippery and ecstatic sound.” (Richard Sanderson on cocktail party)

almenrauschen. The 5 LPs  can be purchased here. We collected good critics about the music and artwork. Here are a few statements (the full critics can be read) here.

Very relevant and urgent stuff. Music that fascinates from start to finish! (DM) – vital weekly
impressive 5 disc set! – The Sound Projector


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