As performing artists we design the now. By acting in the now as society we design future..

Once more I had the joy to share the stage and compose together with the incredible Ingo Reulecke. We never counted our appearances but it might be way more then 200 times that we followed our principles of non hierarchical arts practice. The evening was made possible by Labor Gras.

Ensemble Extrakte had an exciting period of research. Knowing each other since many projects and 9 years, we discovered new ways of expressions. The research was guided in a very wise way by Peter Wiegold and made possible by the ensemble grant of Musikfonds.

An other grant starting soon puts the focus on the notion of the “own” as music expression. I am thrilled about the possibility to dig into the subject and gain knowledge in a field, that interests me through its promises and its ambiguity.

With [SNDNG STTNS] we started three weeks ago to work on our new piece Merge / Buzzing Bridge, with an amazing team formed by Katharina Mewes, Eric Onekey, Josue Mugisha, Michael Thieke, Sofia Borges, Chris Umney, TO SU, Anja Ruschival and more. We will premiere on may 26th in P1, Kampnagel, Hamburg

“Intricate, alien and unique. The musicians are communicating and listening intently – in a fascinating language of slippery and ecstatic sound.” (Richard Sanderson on cocktail party)

almenrauschen. The 5 LPsĀ  can be purchased here. We collected good critics about the music and artwork. Here are a few statements (the full critics can be read) here.

Very relevant and urgent stuff. Music that fascinates from start to finish! (DM) – vital weekly
impressive 5 disc set! – The Sound Projector


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