• schweigen impossible
      • 25th Feb, 2017
      • Fotos: Florian Krauss a piece on communication, dealing with the different forms and ki
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      • raw light
      • 27th Jan, 2017
      • This piece comes from a strong desire to be alone on stage, and physicalize the themes I’ve
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      • conspiracy of the idiots
      • 30th Nov, 2016
      • two years researching idiotic practices culminates in the conspiracy of the idiots. matthaei&konsorten
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      • echolot miss hecker
      • 11th Dec, 2016
      • a words-to-music performative installation created by Kipfmüller|Janek
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    I am very much enjoying my time at QO-2, Bruxelles having worked together with my macchina som all stars fellows Lukas Matthaei and Milena Kipfmüller on the new radio play to be produced on the topic of idiocy. Now now Milena and myself are working on our new idea of a ‘walking concert’. We already have our set of computers and controllers together. Now the the music has to be rehearsed. And now I am working on an opening 6 min piece for Louise Wagners new coreography on Pergolesis stabat mater. For those who don’t know the city of Bruxelles – this is a recommendation to visit, and if you do don’t miss QO-2 and atelier claus.


    next appearances

    june: with Milena Kipfmüller, Echolot, Goetheinstitut, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    april and may: with Milena Kipfmüller, Residency at Goethe Institut, Salvador, Brasil
    march 23rd: with Milena Kipfmüller, walking concert, QO-2, Bruxelles
    march; with Milena Kipfmüller, residency, QO-2, Bruxelles


      • the tartini - album
      • 16th Jan, 2016
      • The Tartini Effect is a sonic hologram caused by two or more overlying frequencies. Akkermann|Janek
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      • 60 min towards being here
      • 13th Jan, 2017
      • ...or this is probably going to be a downer, or in lieu of addressing insurmountable graver ci
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