The Delphi was one of the greatest silent movie cinemas of Berlin. It was in operation since the late 20s, it shone in its own golden era, was bombed during the Second World War, was closed and then reused as a warehouse; its walls faded, its floor grew mildewy and its facade today does not indicate anything about what once went on the inside. The interior itself maintains a faded echo of its former glory and its integration in this century’s 20s makes it a hidden gem for some tourist guides of modern Berlin.

Klaus Janek had a surprising encounter with Jeff Surak that led to a recording session in Janek’s studios, in the area of Pankow in an old Bauhaus building very close to the Delphi. It was their first collaboration. Their dialogue was strictly musical, but the imposing presence and the history of the building was a silent connecting factor regarding their interaction as an improvisational duo and how they would be influenced by the narrative of the Delphi’s aesthetic incorporation by today’s artistic necessities. “Delphi”, out now on Coherent States, is a recording of all the interconnectivity between artists, space, time and sound.

Klaus Janek is a Berlin based composer, contrabassist and researcher. Originally from Bolzano/Italy, Janek is known for his musical approach combining the compositional and performative act on his set of contrabass and electronics and his interdisciplinary collaborations in choreography, music theater and spoken words. Making music since the mid-90s, his recording work is published in a period that spans from 2001 to today.

Jeff Surak has been a fixture within the experimental community for more than 40 years, curating the Sonic Circuits Festival, programming for Rhizome DC, and running his own Zeromoon label. His own work manifests non-linear narratives through lo-fi techniques and archaic technologies. Jeff Surak returns to Coherent States after the amazing 2021’s “Freie Kassettenkultur” by Girls On Tape (with Rinus van Alebeek).

released October20th, 2023

Klaus Janek: double bass, electronics
Jeff Surak: dictaphones, effects
Recorded July 2022 in Berlin.
Design & layout by John Kontandreopoulos / Semitone Labs

CS-47. 2023

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