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      • about kj
      • 10th Apr, 2024
      • Double bass player, composer and researcher from Bolzano/Italy, moved to Berlin in the mid-90s. H
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      • art in research
      • 21st Mar, 2012
      • The art-in research project is a collaborative research of movement and sound. It is mainly in
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      • abstand der dinge
      • 4th Sep, 2015
      • „To take possession of space is the first gesture of the living; men and beasts, plants and
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    hello I am Klaus and writing this to try out the functionallity of the possibility to do this and do that not knowing if this is really working out or wether not]

      • kriegsalbum - rbb
      • 4th Dec, 2014
      • In „Kriegsalbum“ (Waralbum) from Lukas Matthaei, Milena Kipfmüller and Klaus Janek people
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      • tanzerbe bauhaustänze
      • 4th Nov, 2014
      • The project looked at the movement and stage studies Oskar Schlemmer developed as director of
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