idiocy and resistance – autum

This is not carnival, it’s a spring procession! It’s a celebration of pertinacity and a eulogy to self-abandonment. On the right-hand side is efficiency, on the left-hand side progress – in between are the colorful hordes of idiots.  This time the live radio show is directing its antennas towards autonomy and resistance in digital, as well as, sounds of stupidity. Of course, all with simultaneous interpretation and various theoreticians, artists and practitioners of idiocy.

From and with Naima Ferré, Daniel Hengst, Klaus Janek, Milena Kipfmüller, Benno Lehmann, Jörg Lukas Matthaei, Peter Pankow and guests

nov 11th, Kantine, Sophiensaele, Berlin

Friendly supported by Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung.


Foto © Ars Electronica