fire is raging in your hair

with Weronika Pelczyńska (creation and dance)

Klaus Janek (music)
Sandra Blatterer (light design)
dr. Christiane Berger (dramaturgical advice)
Anna Nowicka (idea, words, choreography)

Production: Tanztage Berlin, with the support of Art Stations Foundation (Poznań), HZT, Berlin and the Polish Institute in Berlin

Big thanks to: Peter Pleyer, Joanna Leśnierowska and all the wonderful friends who supported the process!

“Where now? Who now? When now? Unquestioning. I, say I. Unbelieving. Questions, hypotheses, call them that. Keep going, going on, call that going, call that on. Can it be that one day, off it goes on, that one day I simply stayed in, in where, in stead of going out, in the old way, out to spend day and night as far away as possible, wasn’t far.”

The Unnamable – Samuel Beckett

winner of 100º HAU, Berlin


This solo will question the condition of modern man continuously in motion, not limited by space or time, but shifting freely between reality and virtual world; the state of being between “here and now” and “not-here”, involving constant, simultaneous doing.

How does one orientate oneself while actively participating in the transformation of the constantly transforming? Is it possible to find rest and root oneself in never-ending movement? Bombarded by the abundance of stimuli and information, how does one recognize one’s own way?