hummel / rocchetti / janek #2

focussing in different works and researches mainly on the  junction of installative performance, situated between  visual arts / dance, and live composed sound art, taking place in visual art spaces. The idea finds collaborators in Heidi Schnirch, Anke Euler, Claudio Rocchetti, Ingo Reulecke and more.

Videos from a performance and research project june 12th and 13th, 2013, at Liebig 12, Berlin:

Judith Hummel / Klaus Janek / Claudio Rocchetti this time interacted with Valery Vermeulen and his EMO-Synth
within 3 days of work in process where the Audience as well played an active role “directing” the Emo-Synth and the performers.

During performances and demonstrations at Liebig12 the system automatically generated and manipulated sounds and images to direct the user in certain predefined emotional states.
Emotional reactions are hereby measured and processed by the means of biosensors that register various psychofysiological parameters such as heart rate (ECG) and stress level (GSR, galvanic skin response).

The EMO-Synth plays a central role as well as the emotional man-machine, based on artificial intelligence, affective computing, psychophysiology, algorithmic music composition + sound and image generation.