outside the box

outside the box with Matthaei & Konsorten/fft Düsseldorf

A research project initiated by Zeitraum Exit Mannheim and funded by Kulturstiftung des Bundes. 8 participating theatre institutions, exchange associated theatre makers to solve artistic question of the guest host theatre. Matthaei&konsorten (Lukas Matthaei, direction, Daniel Hengst, new media, Sophie Jahnke, visual adopted ars, KJ, music sound) researched at Kanuti Gildi Saal following question in feb 2014:

in estonia, just as in the majority of ex-soviet countries, the audience for contemporary performing art appeared together with the artists. this means that the audience is from the same generation as the performers. we have discovered that even though our audience is growing the average age of our visitors is getting younger. most artists who were active in the early 90s have meanwhile disappeared and so has their audience. kanuti gildi saal wants to bring back the older audience and hold on to the younger one at the same time. 
the question is, how? the artists jörg lukas matthaei, daniel hengst,sophie jahnke and klaus janek travel from düsseldorf to tallinn to work on this question.

The research result were presented at Zeitraum Exit in Mannheim at the socalled Market june 5th to 7th 2014

KJ analyzed the sound identity and biography of the city of Tallinn. All soundobjects used in further composition came out from a specifically created sample tank. Soundsnippets were taken starting from the famous mass singing contest were literally thousands of choir members come together to sing, as well as contemporary pop music production as well as city sounds, relevant political statements or seventies to eighties estonian pop stars.