abstand der dinge

„To take possession of space is the first gesture of the living; men and beasts, plants and clouds the fundamental manifestation of equilibrium and permanence. The first proof of existence is to occupy space.“ Le Corbusier
Sabine Glenz researches aloofness and intimacy, exaggeration or disharmony, and continually develops new narrative forms in them. Beginning with the contemporary phenomenon of constant access to all information and the associated potential for becoming fragmented into many presences and absences, the choreographer investigates the question of how we deal with replication. Does our relationship to things change and on what basis does interpretation occur?

“Der Abstand der Dinge” [“The Distance of Things”] is subdivided into three different motifs which derive their tension from the spatial design and the choreographic language. “Replication” is the first part of this trilogy of walk-in installations. It will be followed by “Isolation” and “Order.”

“Replication” is distinguished by the free movement of the visitors in the space, where they are confronted by ambiguous images and situations that are also communicated via projections. The actions do not follow a time track nor is there a predefined sequence in which the visitors are supposed to find their way. The visitor’s movements between the choreographed scenes and tableaux vivants are part of a choreographic axis, a spatially related story about proportionality.

Artistic Director / Choreography: Sabine Glenz
Artistic Advisor: Mia Lawrence
Performance: Joris Camelin, Sebastian Eilers, Judith Hummel, Clarissa Omiecienski, Loana Hautz, Elena Ludwig, Janes Stockhammer
Music: Klaus Janek
Installations: Manuela Müller
Videotechnique: Chris Konieczny
Costumes: Johanna Leitner
Lightdesign: Rainer Ludwig

Supported by the Bureau for Cultural Affairs of the State Capital City of Munich and the Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance (BLZT) with funding from the Bavarian State Ministry for Science, Research and Art. Sabine Glenz is member of Tanztendenz München.