ige*timer japan/canada/us

aug 17th – set 30th: Tokyo, J, Victoria, Vancouver, C, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, Big Sur, San Louis Obispo, Los Angeles, Tuscon, Globe, Carol Springer Mountain/Apachereservation, Albuquerque, Taos, Marfa, Austin, Housten, New Orleans

The basic idea of the tour was, to research how much the geographical and social enviroment influences the musical expression and communication. In Japan ige*timer collaborated with local musician, in Canada the exchange consisted in playing in different fixed groups on the same evening, disscussing the music work after the concerts, in US ige*timer bought a Camper and equipment in order to be in the possibily to play in any inspiring situation including urbanity and nature. Besides concerts happend in clubs, gallery, theaters and in radio shows.

ige*timer in san luis obispo from Michelle Ettlin on Vimeo.

concert listing

sep 30th: Allways Lounge, New Orleans, USA David Torkanowsky keyboard and Rex Gregory, reeds
sep 29th: Zeitgeist Gallery, New Orleans, USA Aurora Nealand, reeds, Simon Lott dr
sep 28th: Blue Nile, New Orleans, USA Rick Trolsen, tb and Chris Alford guit.
sep 28th: Guerilla concert on oilfield, Texas, USA
sep 27th: superhappyfunland, Houston, USADamon Smith and Thomas Helton, db, Seth Paynter reeds
sep 26th: Church of the freindly ghost, Austin, USA
sep 23rd: Bookcompany, Marfa, USA
sep 21st: Albuquerque Recording Session: Christian Pincock/Mark Weaver/Klaus Janek
sep 20th: Guerilla Concert at Amphitheatre, Taos, USA
sep 19th: Radio Show Albuqerque University Radio kunm 89.9 FM Alberquerque, USA
sep 18th: Center of Grooviness, Albuquerque Christian Pincock, tb electr, Mark Weaver, tuba, BE, electr.
sep 17th: Guerilla Concert on Carol Springer Mountain/Apachereservation, USA
sep 16th: Guerilla Concert at Carcinema, Globe, USA
sep 15th: Solar Culture, Tuscon, USA
sep 13th: Jean Carnage at Perisphere, Los Angeles, USA
sep 12th: Echo Curio, Los Angeles, USA
sep 11th: Gureilla Concert, San Louis Obispo, USA
sep 10th: Guerilla Concert, Big Sur, USA
sep 9th: Recording Session Scott Looney / Klaus Janek, 1510 studio, Oakland, USA
sep 8th: ONE festival, Oakland, USA
sep 7th: Guerilla concert, Mt. Sutro, San Francisco, USA
sep 6th: radioshow at KUSF 90.3fm, San Francisco, USA
sep 3rd: living room, Portland, USA
sep 2nd: Gallery 1412, Seattle, USA
sep 1st: Fake Jazz, Wednesdays, Vancouver, Canada
aug 31st: Lot 8 Victoria, Canada
aug 26th: Velvet sun, Tokyo, Hideo Ikegami, db, Takuji Kawai, piano
aug 20th: Kissa Sakaiki Club, Tokyo, Naoto Yamagishi Drums
aug 17th: Omchatone, William Tokuhisa voice, and Ikebana, traditional flower arrangement artist
aug 16th: Club Sabaco, Tokyo Yasunori Tani, guit. elect. and guests


ige*timer at apache drive-in theater from Michelle Ettlin on Vimeo.

The pictures are impressions of the tour. They are a selection out of several thousand pictures.