appearances 2024

jan – feb 2024: residency in Serra Grande, Bahia, Brazil
jan 12: memorial for Jujuba Julietta Fernandez with the crew of Circo da Lua, Serra Grande
jan 14: Sarau da musica eletronica, with Milena Kipfmüller, Serra Grande

feb 8: Sounding Situations album Rwandan Records is featured at the exhibition A Model, at Museum d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg
feb 12: with Circo da Lua, bloco di carneval, Serra Grande

march 12: BirkeJanekZhao, Kühlspot Socialclub, Berlin
march 13: with Claudia Risch, bassclarinet, flute, Guilherme Rodriges, cello and Francis Heery, electronics, Cocoon, Berlin
march 22, 23: Merge, Sounding Situation, hochX, Munich

april 20, 21: How to inhabit these temporalities, Sabdagatitara, MBAM, Montreal
april 24: Exercise in Extrangement, Sabdagatitara, Maison de la culture ahuntsic, Montreal
april 27, 28: How to inhabit these temporalities, Sabdagatitara, Aga Khan Museum, Toronto

may 1: with Andy Graydon, Goethe Institut, Montreal
may 14, 15: Sounding Situations: Near my ears, Sommerblut Festival, Köln

july 3: with Judith Hamann, cello and Sofia Borges, drums, Hosek, Berlin