Rwandan Records – album

The music of this album is one of different elements, which constitutes the walking-through-music- theatre piece Rwandan Records.

What does tradition mean when the past is tainted by crimes? Who decides what is carried on a collective knowledge and moored in the culture? RWANDAN RECORDS is a sound installation, radio play and live concert by Sounding Situations featuring artists from Rwanda and Germany and combines pre-colonial accounts with stories from the present. It invites audience members to immerse themselves in the stories shared by Rwanda and Germany.

What you experience in the piece on a musical level is a soundscape formed out of field recordings of nowadays done by Klaus Janek, musical field recordings and music experts collected in the 20th century starting from 1907 to the 80ies – the notion of a Rwandan auditive culture scape. The voices of the recordings which are activated by the audience mix an own language soundscape to the space. The private encounters with those voices are now and then sporadically interrupted by a collectively shared concert event: the music of these events you are holding in your hand now.

The music is created by sampling through the archives in order to form an aesthetic synthesis of the music tradition of Rwanda and personalize it through a commonly shared OWN of 1Key and Klaus Janek, which is the fascination of 90ies Hip Hop.
released April 28, 2023

Text and performance: 1Key
Composition and double- bass, FX, MPC performance: Klaus Janek
snaredrum: Radio Citizen

The music was created in tight collaboration with Milena Kipfmüller and Jens Dietrich and is an element of the music theater piece Rwandan Records Snares added by Radio Citizen.

Mixed and mastered by Niko Schabel

Pictures from the live performances of the piece Rwandan Records at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Kampnagel, Hamburg and Humboldt Forum Berlin by Merlin Nadj-Torma

Graphic design by Stephanie Roderer

The album is produced by Sounding Situations in 2022.

Catalogue number : S033

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