Vermessene Zeit

(Measured time)

Music gives time a measure; in it we measure what is actually an eternal flow. Landscapes are also measured to get a feeling for their proportions and shapes.

In Sandeep Bhagwati’s musical journey “Vermessene Zeit” (Measuring Time), we experience both: the musicians of the Ensemble Extrakte and the Kairos Quartet go to Teltow Park as sounding surveyors. Always only three of them make music in a wide-stretched triangle, in the middle of which the listener can of course hear them best. At some point, one corner of the trio falls silent – but a little further away, another instrument, a voice picks up and adds to the music of the triangle again. But now its centre is somewhere else – if you want to continue to hear everything, you have to go there!

In this way, the sounds gradually survey the park in three steps – and you yourself wander along, listening to how our man-made harmonies and dissonances merge into the songs of wind, leaves, grass, insects and birds. On the way, you read poems by the wayside that sing of the earth and trees, of the sound of the world – and give some of them to the musicians for inspiration.