SCHWARM – an audiovisual Expedition

Cranes glide through the air. Carried by the wind, they cross the continents. What drives them? How do they plan their flight paths? What obstacles do they overcome?

In an open air production over several stations with more than 3 m high crane figures Grotest Maru reflects about these special birds the longings of us humans for free movement and a place to be. In the form of a visual theater with experimental live acoustics, the urge for freedom, travel, migration, but also control and surveillance are told.

Direction, Artistic Director Ursula Maria Berzborn / GROTEST MARU
Choreography Jefferson Preto & Ensemble
Music / Music Dramaturgy / Interviews / Audio Editing Milena Kipfmüller & Klaus Jannek – [SNDNG STTNS]
Performers Catia Almeida Santos, Ana Carbia, Esther Geyer, Clara Gracia, Anna Vilhelmiina Peltola, Sergio Serrano & Kathrin Hegedüsch,Tom Mustroph, Rico Tscharnke, Birgit Wieger, Hanna Zimmermann
Dramaturgy Tom Mustroph
Costume Design / Production of Masks Kathrin Hegedüsch Projections/ (Visual-) Dramaturgy Hanna Zimmermann
Production management / Public Relations Esther Geyer, Anna Peltola, Birgit Wieger
premiered july 30th at Bärenquell Brauerei, Berlin