for manaus


We got the invitation to compose a piece for the Improfest 2021. In our work we try always to connect to the situations and political context we are living in and we found it presmptuous to ignore the actual situation Brazil is going through these days. Last week, mid of January, the city of Manaus went through one of its hardest times. Because of the immense amount of hospitalized Covid-19 patients all the oxygen supplies of the hospitals ran out. People were not only dying because of the illness and mismanagement of the pandemy but even because of the missing supply of oxigene tanks for the hospitals.

This audio piece is therefore dedicated to the people of Manaus. It uses original material from social media and sounds of oxygen tanks, contrabass and electronics.

Composition and performance:

Klaus Janek – contrabass and electronics

Milena Kipfmüller – social media samples and electronics

both artists are part of the collective [SNDNG STTNS]

Camera: Barbara Dulley, Milena Kipfmüller