case study: sertão – album

Two generations cross over two countries. Milena Kipfmüller uses tape material of the 70ies done by her father Günter Kipfmüller in north-east Brazil: recordings of popular travelling musicians in the sertao that transform news and stories in virtuously improvised poetry, the “violeiros”. The source material enters a nowadays process of electronic transformation in dialogue with the three other string instruments. Viola and cello are played by father and son, Guilherme and Ernesto Rodrigues, thus by two generations that compose in their own, different (analogue) languages. Klaus Janek at the contrabass, combines both aspects in his artistic practice, the analogue instrument and electronics – bridging the two duos of generations and transformation processes.

editing and mixing: sounding situations
recorded in Berlin 2019

sounding situations [SNDNG STTNS]
Milena Kipfmüller – tape and electronics
Klaus Janek – contrabass and electronics

Guilherme Rodrigues – cello
Ernesto Rodrigues – viola

46:32 min

artwork: Marion Burbulla
Creative Source / ALMENRAUSCHEN
Berlin/Lisbon 2020


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