a.pass / q-02

The monthlong stay in Bruxelles was funded by the two institutions and included a residency at Q-02 and a “staging-sound” mentoring at a.pass.

a.pass is an artistic research environment that develops research on performativity and scenography, in an international artistic and educational context. The institute includes two complementary bodies that operate in parallel and in dialogue: a Post-master Program and a Research Centre.

[SNDNG STTNS] was invited to share knowledge and experience of -staging sound – in a kind of quick’n dirty mentoring task.


Q-02 hosts [SNDNG STTNS] for the second time, and we enjoy the atmosphere and working and living situation. In 2017 we started our project concerto ambulante as a radio-phonic side-specific walking concert. This work gave the base to other  formats like the radio-phonic and sidespecific opera format with its first sketch “Musraropera” (winner of the ITI Music Theatre Now competition 2018). This time and residency we dedicated ourselfs to develop further the piece “to be in a time of war” with the text from Lebanese writer Etel Adnan. The first set of the presentation held nov 7th, at Q-02 was a listening of the piece. In the second set we performed as macchina som allstars elaborating Lukas’ idea of the daily encounters of death, not in its form as being a threat but more in its dailiy phenomena.