mit Pflanzen

Ruth Geiersberger: „mit Pflanzen“ |
october 4th 5th und 6th 2019

Ruth Geiersberger & Komplizen
„mit Pflanzen“
art meets science
sound performance in a thinkspace

With Prof. Dieter Volkmann, retired professor of the Institut für zelluläre und molekuläre Botanik der Universität Bonn | Martina Koppelstetter voice, Alfred Zimmerlin cello, Michel Watzinger dulcimer, Klaus Janek contrabass, electronics | Beate Zeller dramaturgy | gardeners.

strategies of communication are not only interesting when they are appearing in between humans or animals. Plants communicate with each other, with each surroundings. Can humans learn from plants communication and gain knowledge for its own interaction? In order to find out, you have to get a close look and a close listen. Its about opening up think space and to develop new sensitivities.