[traditionen… – ensemble extrakte

Nº 12: [Tradition(en): Zerlegt & Zusammen: Gesetz] ensemble ɛkstʁaktə
Concert interspersed with discourse
Friday, 1. Februar 2019, 20 h (Saal 1) Exploratorium

Sandeep Bhagwati (IN/DE/CA) – musical direction | Sören Birke – blues harmonica, duduk | Gene Coleman (US/DE) (Gast) – bass clarinet | Klaus Janek – double bass, live electronics | Ji-eun Kang (KR) – Haegeum | Margret Köll – baroque harp | Deniza Popova (BG/DE) – (bulgarian) chant | Ravi Srinivasan (IN/MY) – hindustani chant, tabla, whistles | Hong Yoo (KR) – deageum, changgu

Do we actually stop to develop our listening? Do we always hear the same thing, even when we listen to foreign music? What is foreign music anyway? In a concert we want to explore these questions sensually and verbally.

To this end, we invited the ensemble ɛkstʁaktə, which embodies a special ensemble concept: “Based on the insight that we live in a post-exotic time, in which musical traditions have spread across all geographical, ethnic and ideological orders in the world, the musical cosmopolitans of the ensemble ɛkstʁaktə ask their familiar and foreign musical traditions about their musical potential”, writes Sandeep Bhagwati. In a conversation we will take him at his word.

Moderation: Reinhard Gagel