iterationen – ensemble extrakte – album

Cat: NO5
Release: 03.05.2019

1. Open End 2:21
2. Moth2 4:25
3. Render the Form 2:38
4. Extrakt 1 2:16
5. An Amorphous Cloud 6:22
6. Modulation Ring 1 4:12
7. Modulation Ring 2 6:16
8. Sifting Mechanisms 4:01
9. Cultures Are Abstract Machines 3:29
10. Loop.Repetition.Loop 2:18
11. Filter/Noise 5:42
12. Twists and Turns 2:59
13. Impression 1 1:33
14. Layer 4:35
15. Extrakt 2 3:21
16. End Open 3:50

All comprovisations and improvisations: Ensemble Extrakte
Working scores: Sandeep Bhagwati
Remixes, Edits and Reinterpretations: Gebrüder Teichmann

Iterations is a musical experiment, that is playing with artistic processes.
So to say it shows what happens when silent post connects with a dynamic feedback loop:
Ensemble Extrakte an intercultural ensemble gets hooked to pioneering techno and electronic tracks. They are interpreting those music, which is unknown to them on the fly.
But not in a sense of “Beatles go Classic”. Much more than harmonic and rhythmic elements, the intention is to catch the energy and the playful transformation of this sounds, all through the instruments and expression techniques that the ensemble brings from a wide range of musical traditions and cultures.
The electronic Dj & musician duo Gebrüder Teichmann then takes it back into their electronic laboratory,
using machines and computers to discover the next level of resonant responses.
What do we hear ? Who is interpreting whom? Who´s influencing who, what is related to what? What´s played live, what is a sample?