A long table in the room, one seat is free. You are guest, intruder, none of both? And what is the connection from what you see with your self? VANITAS is an intimate play and imaginary tabletalk – a performance about affiliation, identity, becoming and decay in a globalized world for one audience member.

Direction and space: Sebastian Blasius * Sound: Klaus Janek * with: Valentin Stroh, Silvia Westenfelder, Anna Kempin, Michael Sandmann, Eloisa Arreola, Alina Reissmann, Vincent Wodrich, Florin Engels, Miriam Arnold, Nicolay Kaps, Hannah Sampé, Ramon Reinirkens, Lino Jötten * pictures: Therese Schuleit

Funded through the city of Köln and the ministery for family, children, youth, culture and sports of NRW.

Winner of the Favoriten Prize of 2018