janek costa – berlin ostrava jönköping

Klaus Janek, processed contrabass   William “Biwa” Costa, sine tones, field recordings

The electro-acoustic duo of Klaus Janek and William “Bilwa” Costa search for aesthetics and compositional discourse; approaching sound equally from fine art and musical perspectives, both theoretically and practically.

Working within set structures, they allow space for chance and emergence, using listening and assessment as primary compositional tools. Drawing from a palette of sine tones, contrabass (acoustic and processed), amplified objects, feedback, electronics, and field recordings, their process is seemingly transparent and focused on sonic, visual, and spacial qualities.

They use both actual time and manipulated time perception, by displaying time in sound events and music narration. Through repetition, duration, and abstraction, actual (real) time looses its physical measurability. The duo build and break expectations; leaving room for an audience to perceive, question, understand, and introduce personal, emotional memories and experience.

Excerpts from the album which will be released in autum 2017