schweigen impossible

Fotos: Florian Krauss

a piece on communication, dealing with the different forms and kinds of understanding or being understood – or not. The main focus of the piece lays on Andre Nittel, an actor in wheel chair and with as many spasms as one can imagine – being almost unable to communicate, at least this is what it seems on the first view.. Communication on different levels are celebrated and misleaded in this piece of humor and hidden darkness: sign language meets bodily communication (gesture, dance), verbal communication finds its dead ends during home episodes and music translates emotion.

With: André Nittel, Louis Edler, Karol Golebiowski, Max Edgar Freitag, Christian Wollert, Martin Clausen, Gal Naor, Gerd Hartmann | gesturecoreografy and translation to signlanguage: Gal Naor | live-music: Klaus Janek | direction: Martina Couturier | co-direction: Gerd Hartmann | idea/concept: Gerd Hartmann / Martina Couturier | stage: Isolde Wittke | costumes:  Heike Braitmayer | light: Katri Kuusimäki | technical direction: Ralf Arndt, Torsten Litschko, Wolfgang Ullrich

supported by  Hauptstadt Kultur Fonds

premiered feb 15th other performances: 16th trough 18th /22nd through25th, main stage  Thikwa Theatre