appearance 2005

december, 20th: Swinging Bohemians, Dussmann Gruppe, Berlin
december, 16th: Hauskonzert at Elisabeth Harnik’s, Graz
december, 14th: solo, db/electronic, Graz, Austria november,
26th: Swinging Bohemians, Lang Nuong, Berlin november,
23th: Lüül, Cafe Courage, Berlin november,
22nd: Zarah Leander Abend, Erlangen november,
19th: Lüül, Stadttheater, Brandenburg november,
12th: Lüül, Moritzbastei, Leipzig november,
11th: Lüül, Schloß Roßla, Roßla november,
10th: Lüül, Blaskirche, Quedlinburg november,
9th: Lüül, Museumskeller Erfurt october,
29th: Armenonville – Tangofestival, Halle october,
27th: Zarah Leander Abend – Thater im Palais, Berlin october,
26th: Zarah Leander Abend – Thater im Palais, Berlin october,
18th: Solo – Bundesgesundheitsministerium, Berlin october,
15th: Solo – Opening of the Achim Niemann Exibition, Bernau october,
13th: Angela Bohrman Quartet, Oxzident, Berlin october,
12th: Alexandra Abend – Insel Jüst october,
8th: Lüül, Blauer Affe, Berlin october,
1st: solo, db/electronic – Bressanone, Italy september,
23rd: Zarah Leander Abend – Münster/Ahlen september,
22nd: Improvisation with dance – Stralau 68, Berlin september,
19th: Zarah Leander Abend – Brandenburg august,
19th: Lüül, ahoi revisited – record release at hafenwirtschaft westhafen, Berlin
august, 5th-15th: Research with Ana Sanchez-Colberg, The Place, London
august, 4th: Caspar – Bundesgesundheitsministerium, Berlin
july, 23rd: Ela – Zarh Leander Abend – Berlin, Theater im Palais
july, 22nd: Ela – Zarh Leander Abend – Berlin, Theater im Palais
july, 17th: Ela – Zarah Leander Abend – Prüm
june, 25th: Zarah Leander show – Stadtheater Remscheid
june, 18th: solo, db/electronic – Museum Gallerie, Bolzano, Italy
june, 17th: launch of the new media gallery Event Media with exibition, music night and filmnight, London
mai, 31th: Lüül, tba mai,
27th: Lüül, Bautzen
mai, 24th: Lüül – Volkstheater, München
mai, 7th-19th: Thierry Niang Company – creation of a new piece
april, 16th: Ela – Zarah Leander Abend – Schönewalde
april, 14th: Caspar – Bundesgesundheitsministerium, Berlin
april, 9th: Lüül – Maschinenhalle, Berlin
april,6th: Lüül – Künstlerhaus, Berlin
march, 24th: Lüül – Neustreliz