appearance 2009

dec. 11th: sternschuss, Aufsturz, Berlin
nov. 29th: Improvisaion with Grape Shade, Labor Gras, Berlin
nov. 17th, 18th, 19th: Die Letzten Dinge, Ägyptisches Museum, Munich
nov. 6th: Brian Eubanks, Andrew Lafkas, Barry Weissblat, Tucker Dulin, Gil Arno, Lutheran Church, NYC
nov. 12th: Brian Eubanks, Andrew Lafkas and friends, Schoolhouse, NYC
oct. 24th: the invisible dance, with Thierry Niang and 3 Performners, invisible dog, NYC
oct, 14th: ige_timer, University, Chicago
oct. 11th: ige_timer, SCI*FI PHILLY, Philadelphia
oct. 10th: ige_timer, Red Room, Baltimore
oct. 6th: ige_timer, blue nile, New Orleans
oct. 5th: ige_timer, fairgrinds coffeehouse, New Orleans
oct. 4th: ige_timer, hi ho lounge, New Orleans
oct. 3rd: ige_timer, mckeowns books, New Orleans
sep. 29th: ige_timer, ciné, Athens, Giorgia
sep. 27th: ige_timer, eyedrum, Atlanta
sep. 25th: ige_timer, sonic cirquit festival, Washington
sep.18th, 19th, 20th: ige_timer, listen/space, New York
august 18th – november 16th: residency in New York
july, 26th-august 1st: Workshop in Bolzano, Italy
july, 9th: symetry #14, Jess Curtis/Gravity, Florence
june, 13th: Vernisage Achim Niemann, Herrenhaus Libnow
june, 7th: Improvisation with Ingo Reulecke and Minako Seki, Tanzfabrik, Berlin
june, 3rd: Fernholz/Harnki/Omnia/Janek, fiib, Kulturhaus Mitte, Berlin
may, 28th: trio Marraffa/Dimitriadis/Janek, fiib, Kulturhaus Mitte, Berlin
may, 1st-3rd: lettera a, Festival, Burgenland, Austria
april, 30th: ige_timer, Burgbachkeller, Zug, Swiss
april, 28th: ige_timer, WIM, Zurich
april, 15th: Heimatkisten, Nationalltheater Weimar
april, 2nd: Heimatkisten, Nationaltheater Weimar
march, 19th-22nd and 26th-29th: Symetry, Jess Curtis/Gravity, Counterpuls, San Francisco
march, 4th: Heimatkisten, Nationaltheater Weimar
february, 26th: Heimatkisten, Nationaltheater Weimar
february, 24th: Solo at the vernisage of Ute Gallmeister, Galerie Remise, Pankow
february, 20th: Premiere Heimatkisten, Britta Pudelko, Nationaltheater Weimar
februar, 14th: Radio Citizen, We are, Kesselhaus, Berlin
january, 31st: with Andreas Paolo Perger, guit, Sebastiano Tramontana/ tr., Mobiler Konzertraum Munich
january, 26th-30th: Die letzten Dinge – Live Hörspiel von Ruth Geiersberger, Ägyptisches Museum, München
january, 23rd: Lüül, Burghof, Lörrach
january, 8th: sternschuss, b-flat,Berlin