appearance 2010

dec 22th: trio with Hilary Jeffrey, trombone, Simon Rose, reeds, Sowieso, Berlin
dec 7th and 9th: Thierry Niang, Clara Cornill, Louvre, Paris
nov 26th and 28th: Thierry Niang and amateurs, Louvre, Paris
nov 19th: Radio Citizen: Glocke, München
nov 12th: Radio Citizen: Bassy, Berlin
nov 6th: Bergrecherche at Kuchenmafia – Nacht und Nebel 6-12pm, Neukölln, Berlin
oct 31st: Klaus Janek/Scott Looney: with Su Schlotte, living room, Bonn
oct 30th: Klaus Janek/Scott Looney: with Christoph Irmer, Loft Köln
oct 29th: Klaus Janek/Scott Looney: with Christoph Irmer, Justin Sebastian, Yan Jun, Wuppertal
oct 28th: Klaus Janek/Scott Looney: Artspace Rondeel, Maastricht, tbc
oct 27th: Klaus Janek/Scott Looney: Hörbar, Hamburg
oct 26th: Klaus Janek/Scott Looney: fiib final concert, Kulturhaus Mitte, Berlin
oct 24th: Klaus Janek/Scott Looney: with Liz Albee, Sowieso, Berlin
oct 22nd: Klaus Janek/Scott Looney: with Wilbert de Joode, Studio LOOS, Den Haag
oct 21st: dedicated decade and solo, t.u.b.e. München
oct 20th: Hindernisse auf der Fahrbahn , TAMs, München
oct 18th: Klaus Janek/Scott Looney: Marco Eneidi and friends, Celeste, Vienna
oct 17th: Klaus Janek/Scott Looney: Radio Amman, Vienna
oct 9th: Big Brothers, Bass Festival, Aufsturz, Berlin
oct 3rd: Grapeshade at Wendel, Berlin
oct 2nd: duo with Robert Schwarz, Berlin wie in Wien Festival, Ausland, Berlin
sep 30th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Allways Lounge, New Orleans, USA David Torkanowsky keyboard and Rex Gregory, reeds
sep 29th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Zeitgeist Gallery, New Orleans, USA Aurora Nealand, reeds, Simon Lott dr
sep 28th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Blue Nile, New Orleans, USA Rick Trolsen, tb and Chris Alford guit.
sep 28th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Guerilla concert on oilfield, Texas, USA
sep 27th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: superhappyfunland, Houston, USADamon Smith and Thomas Helton, db, Seth Paynter reeds
sep 26th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Church of the freindly ghost, Austin, USA
sep 23rd: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Bookcompany, Marfa, USA
sep 21st: Albuquerque Recording Session: Christian Pincock/Mark Weaver/Klaus Janek
sep 20th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Guerilla Concert at Amphitheatre, Taos, USA
sep 19th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Radio Show Albuqerque University Radio kunm 89.9 FM Alberquerque, USA
sep 18th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Center of Grooviness, Albuquerque Christian Pincock, tb electr, Mark Weaver, tuba, BE, electr.
sep 17th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Guerilla Concert on Carol Springer Mountain/Apachereservation, USA
sep 16th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Guerilla Concert at Carcinema, Globe, USA
sep 15th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Solar Culture, Tuscon, USA
sep 13th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Jean Carnage at Perisphere, Los Angeles, USA
sep 12th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Echo Curio, Los Angeles, USA
sep 11th: ige*timer tour Japan/US westcoast: Gureilla Concert, San Louis Obispo, USA
sep 10th: ige*timer tour Japan/USwestcoast:Guerilla Concert, Big Sur, USA
sep 9th: Recording Session Scott Looney / Klaus Janek, 1510 studio, Oakland, USA
sep 8th: ige*timer tour Japan/USwestcoast: ONE festival, USA
sep 7th: ige*timer tour Japan/USwestcoast: Guerilla concert, Mt. Sutro, San Francisco, USA
sep 6th: ige*timer tour Japan/USwestcoast: radioshow at KUSF 90.3fm, San Francisco, USA
sep 3rd: ige*timer tour Japan/USwestcoast: living room, Portland, USA
sep 2nd: ige*timer tour Japan/USwestcoast: Gallery 1412, Seattle, USA
sep 1st: ige*timer tour Japan/USwestcoast: Fake Jazz, Wednesdays, Vancouver, Canada
aug 31st: ige*timer tour Japan/USwestcoast: Lot 8 Victoria, Canada
aug 26th: ige*timer tour Japan/USwestcoast: Velvet sun, Tokyo, Hideo Ikegami, db, Takuji Kawai, piano
aug 20th: ige*timer tour Japan/USwestcoast: Kissa Sakaiki Club, Tokyo, Naoto Yamagishi Drums
aug 17th: ige*timer tour Japan/USwestcoast: Omchatone, William Tokuhisa voice, and Ikebana, traditional flower arrangement artist
aug 16th: ige*timer tour Japan/USwestcoast: Club Sabaco, Tokyo Yasunori Tani, guit. elect. and guests
july 25th – aug. 1st: Tanzsommer Bozen, Workshop
june 17th: Hindernisse auf der Fahrbahn, Thikwa, Berlin
june 16th: Hindernisse auf der Fahrbahn, Thikwa, Berlin
may 30th: Grapeshade, Hotel, Berlin
may 27t: Berlin-Oberhausen Connection, Kulturhaus Mitte, Berlin
may 20th: Grapeshade, Farbfernseher, Berlin
may 1st: ige*timer, Galerie Walden, Berlin
april 29th: ige*timer, Ausland, Berlin
april 28th: ige*timer, Walcheturm, Zürich
april 25th: ige*timer, Haus Zentrum, Zug
april 22nd, 23rd, 24th: Hindernisse with Ruth Geiersberger, F40, Berlin
april 21st: Simon Rose, reeds, Michael Vorfeld, perc, KJ, db laptop, Sowieso, Berlin
april 14th: with Hilary Jefrey, Richard Scott and guest, Knochenbox, Berlin
april 2nd: 2 trios: “mullet” Charley vibes,toby Delius reeds, Hilary Jefrey trombone +Richard Barrett laptop Toby Delius reeds, Klaus Janek doublebass laptop, K77, Berlin
march 25th, 26th, 28th: Hindernisse with Ruth Geiersberger, München
march, 23rd: Ludger Henning, HKM+ (D/USA), DIATRIBES (CH), and Chris Heenan/Axel Dörner/Rohri Davis/Tisha Mukarij
march, 19th, 20th, 21th: symmetry at sushis, San Diego
febr. 20th: Ausstellun 01, with Uta Päffgen and others, opening, Waldemarstrasse, Berlin
febr. 19th: with Mikaele Pellegrino and Yorgos Dimitriadis, Sowieso, Berlin
febr. 14th: with Robert Scharz (A), Berg 26, Berlin
febr. 12th: with Simon Rose, FP Schubert, Yorgos Dimitriadis, Sowieso, Berlin
jan, 31st: with Minako Seki and Elias Cohen, Labor Gras, Berlin
jan, 29th: Grape Shade, Improvisation, Sowieso, Berlin
jan. 9th: with Richard Scott, electronics, Hilary Jeffrey, Trombone, Sowieso, Berlin